Keith Berger and David Prather’s Highly Effective Anti-Bullying Assembly Program

Bullying is a Phenomenon

that has long been ignored

or swept under the rug. 

And yet it remains a most

troubling aspect of our

children’s educational


Exposure of this kind is meant to generate 
discussion in the classroom, and to create
a healthy awareness of  how to identify, 
avoid, and otherwise deal with bullies.
Together We Can:
Stand Up To Bullies!

Bullying effects everyone;

therefore it is

Berger & Prather’s

aim to dramatize

the realities

of bullying in

a way that is both

humorous and highly


 “Bullying starts young – and we need to        reach students when they are young with the message that bullying is not okay.”
Arne Duncan, Secretary of Education
Anti-Bullying School Assembly The Bully Dudes create awareness to help solve the problem of bullying